Web Scraping

Web Scraping- find out Legal or Illegal?

Web Scraping in India

Web Scrapping

As we have seen that the current scenario of daily updated websites on the web there are lots of sites are deployed every day but the main thing is that how we can make lead through that also on the other hand how to gain more users to increase the revenue.

Also, the main question is that how any multinational companies handle their millions of users' data and also how to gain that kind of big amount of data of users. So here I am trying to say is that legal to fetch users data from someone sites.

What is Web scraping?

And that’s how the term arises Web Scraping. Web scraping basically is known as a way to extract whole websites' data from others and store that particular data file into some text format or you can also save as a local spreadsheet format in your computer or in Database.

Sometimes its also known as a crawling or gathering of data automatically from someone else’s Website. Web scraping we can say not clearly as a legal terminology to collect data autonomously.

The new era of web scraping involves listening to data feeds from web servers. For example, JASON is commonly used as a transport storage mechanism between the client and the webserver.

There are methods that some websites use to prevent web scraping, such as detecting and disallowing bots from crawling (viewing) their pages. In response, there are web scraping systems that rely on using techniques in DOM parsing, computer vision, and NLP(Natural Language Processing) to simulate human browsing to enable gathering web page content for offline parsing.

Is it legal or not?

As we know if you consider the example of google every day lots of users are surfing on google also google scraping users' data and make billions of dollars out of them. And also there are some third party websites they give access to you to make scraping data out of their websites.

But if you try to make unauthorized access and scrap data on someone else’s site then you have to face some legal actions which are taken by the site owner. Because there are some laws of preventing unauthorized access of site like we can say Intellectual property right(If you are trying to steal someone’s site data from their own server). Also trespassers law The fact that so many laws restrict scraping means it is legally dubious, which makes a scraper’s recent courtroom win especially noteworthy.


As we conclude that prevention is better than cure sometimes it might be a very violating act but also on the other hand if you have the permission of admin then you can get data easily from the third party with web scrapping.

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Darshan Chauhan

Darshan Chauhan

Content Creator | Founder at Durvasa Infotech | Growth hacker | Entrepreneur and geek | Support on https://ko-fi.com/dcforums

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