Phone by Google: Track Caller ID and Spam Detection

Google’s Truecaller Like App

Phone by Google

Phone by Google is a truecaller-like app that provides the service to handle unwanted calls that are not available in your contact list as well as in your group of contacts.

Turn ON or OFF caller ID & spam protection

Caller Identification and spam protection are on by default in-app. You can click to turn it off.

If you want to use caller ID and Spam Feature, you have to send information about your calls to Google. Each time your numbers get displays with the information provided by Google.

  1. On your device and Open Phone App.
  2. Click -> Settings -> Caller ID & spam.
  3. Turn-ON/OFF Caller ID & Spam Protection.
  4. Optional: To stop spammy calls displaying on your phone, turn on Filter suspected spam calls.

Caller ID Matches every profile with the listing of Google My Business and displays the contact information at the time of the ringing call.

Mark Unwanted Call as a SPAM

As per the current scenario of telecommunication, everyone is frustrated from receiving unwanted spammy calls and also sales calls which sometimes give you a higher negative impact on your social life. For that reason, the Phone app by Google gives you a Spam filter option to Block unwanted and spammy calls automatically.

Steps to Follow :

  • On your device and Click on Your Phone app
  • Go to Recent call History.
  • Click on the call that you want to report as spam.
  • Click Block and report spam. You’ll be prompted to you want to block the number.
  • If you get the option, click Report call as spam.
  • Click Block.

You can recognize easily every calls with Spam Filters and Suspected Calls also you can answer or block the calls easily with this app. Kindly Update your apps frequently and Stay protected in this digital world. You can download this app from Google Play Store and App Store with one click.

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Darshan Chauhan

Darshan Chauhan

Content Creator | Founder at Durvasa Infotech | Growth hacker | Entrepreneur and geek | Support on

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