Google Pay

Get Ready For Next Google Pay Update: UI Design and Finance

Redesigned UI and Financial Service Manager Included

Google Pay Update
Google Pay Update

Recently Google roll-out very exciting features in their most effective global payment service Called “Google Pay” Next 2021 Google Pay update provides some exciting functions in the app to gain more consumers and provide the most prominent payment service of all.

Also, they are moving their google pay application development environment to Dart based Android Application development environment to provide the most reliable and seamless User-Experience and User-Friendly UI Design to everyone.

Isn’t this Interesting? to move with Flutter based Environment. With Most Significant UI and Updated Functionalities, the app has been uploaded in the google play store with a new update. Also, they are planning to launch the “Plex” banking Service in 2021. Google Pay is now functioning at a very high scale in the userbase because it provides various kinds of functionalities like Share payments with family and also refers and earn opportunities.

Nowadays Google pay is offering Direct Bank Transfer, UPI Based Transfer, and Many more functionalities to give the best Payment Service across the globe. Some of the new Functionalities that are Coming in the next update are as following below:

Updated Features in New Version

  • Google Plex Banking Service
  • UI Improvements
  • Finance Tracking & Manager
  • You can also order Food from the Google Pay

As we start to look from the Initial Launch of Google Pay(Tez) there are lots of new features are arrived in recent years and also they are constantly improved their application environment with a focus on user-friendly UI Design and the most convenient, Secure Global payment solution.


Hereby we conclude that some of the major changes are occurring in the next update of google pay which is most necessary for everyone to doing their business online and also users can easily transfer money in the most secure and faster way. Hurrah!!

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Darshan Chauhan

Darshan Chauhan

Content Creator | Founder at Durvasa Infotech | Growth hacker | Entrepreneur and geek | Support on

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