Consider Pandemic As a Opportunity

Best Side-Hustle Strategy that Gives you More Money

side hustle with productivity
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What’s your App Engagement Strategy in 2021?

Are you planning something big to stay connected with your user base? Or You want to know about how to Onboard Users to your App.


You need to make that kind of app that connects with people not just focusing on the Flood of App Installation. You just need to create the Value that Involve in the User’s Life.

Firstly, you need to be more Productive and then you have to catch the user’s attention in the first few screens. Is that simple right? But you need to provide the App value that can solve the real time Market Problem Seamlessly.

@JankiMakwana |The Pandemic Isn’t the Right Time to Create an Online side — Hustle?

As we all know the Pandemic not only makes an effect on our life but it also makes our Daily Job and Business Routine Worst. So you don’t need to worry about finding the 4 Revenue-Making Income Streams from Different Platforms and Start Hustling.

It is the Perfect time to learn something new and Do Something Online to Create Passive Side Income Like You can do Following things:

  • Enroll Free Udemy Course to Acquire New Skills and Apply for Online Job
  • Do Yoga to Stay Healthy
  • Create the YouTube Channel
  • Learn On Demand IT Skills (Web Development, App Development etc.)
  • Do Freelancing (e.g. Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancers…) etc.

Don’t Wait for the Happy Time Just Start One Thing and Hustle to Survive in this Journey.

Content Creator | Founder at Durvasa Infotech | Growth hacker | Entrepreneur and geek | Support on

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Darshan Chauhan

Darshan Chauhan

Content Creator | Founder at Durvasa Infotech | Growth hacker | Entrepreneur and geek | Support on

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