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What’s your App Engagement Strategy in 2021?

Are you planning something big to stay connected with your user base? Or You want to know about how to Onboard Users to your App.


You need to make that kind of app that connects with people not just focusing on the Flood of App Installation. …


Meditation Music

Meditation Music

Music meditation has relaxing properties for body and mind. It works to rejuvenate and purify your mind, relax your muscles and relieve the stress and anxiety of your day. If silent meditation or guided sleep meditation are not enough to put you to sleep, it is time to try…


Phone by Google

Phone by Google is a truecaller-like app that provides the service to handle unwanted calls that are not available in your contact list as well as in your group of contacts.

Turn ON or OFF caller ID & spam protection

Caller Identification and spam protection are on by default in-app. You can click to turn it off.

If you…

SBI Job Update

sbi recruitment 2020

Recently IBPS declares the job vacancies for apprentice recruitment in India's largest Government Bank “State Bank of India(SBI)”

State bank of India provides apprenticeships for around 8500 positions. The Hiring process is already begun and the last date of application is 10 December The applicants have to register first on…

Google Pay

Google Pay Update
Google Pay Update

Recently Google roll-out very exciting features in their most effective global payment service Called “Google Pay” Next 2021 Google Pay update provides some exciting functions in the app to gain more consumers and provide the most prominent payment service of all.

Also, they are moving their google pay application development…

Google AI

Chimera Painter

What do you think about making your own nightmare devils or creatures? Using that you can also scare other people by creating your own nightmare creatures by using Google’s AI-Powered Nightmare creature generator tool.

Google decided to enhance the painting experience and unleashing the cartoon designing experience with chimera painter…

Personality Development

From Flickr

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The purpose of the root is that combining these skills within education improves the learning experience. It is also considered as the result that increased the number of students would become involved in these skilled professions.

STEM design is giving a positive…

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